Draws ventilation ducts in AutoCAD

SDUCT is a utility tool for drawing ventilation ducts in AutoCAD. This product provides multiple accessories and ductworks to draw such as stacks, boots, heads, flexible or solid ducting, acoustic or thermal insulation and round or rectangular ductwork.

It also provides elbows, take-offs and other accessories that conform to the SMACNA norm. There is the option to add text annotations for the dimensions you specify and for laying down the ductwork.

It becomes easy to see if the dedicated space is enough or too constrained. SDUCT also performs automatic airflow detection over and under trims.

This tool provides a complete configuration panel to manage the standards given by your clients and allows you to manage the layers, line colors and types.

These standards can be shared with configuration files and saved by the clients. SDUCT not only provides automatic trimming using dashed lines but also uses text entities to annotate the ductwork with the dimensions.

It figures the best positioning of the text for easy reading. Working with double line ductwork on plans has the benefit of making sure the ductwork will fit in its environment.

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